Start a New Dream mission is to provide safe shelter for those displaced, unemployed, and underemployed by Covid-19. Helping them with homeownership training as well as placement in quality safe and affordable housing for those impacted by social justice while living in disenfranchised communities (LIHTC). Providing bilingual and non-bilingual business education support and mentorship at no cost to participating business owners. Developing and redeveloping housing inventory and restore blighted areas. Our team of real estate professionals, attorneys and accounts have successfully partnered with developers and other non-profits public housing authorities to help restore the community.



Mission Statement: Our mission is to significantly reduce homelessness by inspiring and empowering people who are single moms, DV, veterans and the homeless who suffer from substance abuse and mental health challenges by implementing evidence-based strategies that disrupt negative patterns, create new visions, build self-esteem and develop sustainable life skills

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